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Across The Sea And Beyond

In July 1904 a big ocean liner is docked in Antwerp, ready to start its journey to New York. While people come and go on the ship, a lady in a white evening dress is able to board the ship unnoticed. Not quite unnoticed, however - due to her fabulous dress and her beauty, some people do ...

Rights sold: World English Rights

Don’t Forget a Single Word

Three eras, three women, three fates
Set in the Silesian town of Gleiwitz, the stories of Martha, Maria, and Magda trace the history of this border region: following the Germans, Poles, and Czechs, Christians and Jews, who loved and hated each other, were expelled and whose ...

Marzipan Butterflies

The sweetest seduction since the invention of cakeNina stares distractedly at the little bakery's shop window: "Intern wanted" it says. Bakeries have always been places of longing for Nina. She has just never given in to that feeling. Now, with forty well behind her, she applies, takes an ...

Jessica’s Dream

"There are some dreams you have to let go before they kill you."

Two women, two friends, two very different approaches to life. Anne lives an ostensibly normal existence with all the usual ups and downs. But she is deeply concerned about the fate of her friend Jessica.

All the Tomorrows

Suddenly, nothing is the way it used to be

A young woman travels to the Danish island of Fanø with her mother. Their relationship is strained and they evidently consider the trip as a make-or-break experiment. But on the island they are implicated in a serious car crash and the ...

Fairy Fat

Jill (whose real name is Gundula) is a forty-something woman struggling to kick-start a career as a comedian in Berlin. Her new agent takes her to Cologne, where she sniffs out the chance of a lifetime-but her new show needs to go with a bang! For the time being she moves in with ...


David McGregor's life has undergone a radical change: the former investment banker lost his fortune playing the stock exchange and has reinvented himself as a (seemingly) passionate whale conservationist. Leah Cullin, a young journalist, is investigating undercover on board ...

The Bramble Summer

Germany in the early 1950s: the memory of war is still fresh but the people's hearts are full of hope. Against this background, childhood friends Karl and Theo find themselves in love with the same woman. Although Viola is Theo's wife, Karl begins an affair with her after his own ...

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