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The Bird Has No Wings

Letters from my brother Peter Schwiefert to our mother

In 1938, Peter Schwiefert, a "Half-Jew", declares himself a Jew and flees Nazi Germany at the age of twenty-one. His subsequent letters to his mother, with whom he shared an extremely close bond, document his tragic destiny: after periods of exile in Portugal, Greece, Palestine and Egypt, he ...

You Are Not Like Other Mothers

The Story of a Passionate Woman

"She was as complicated as a puzzle of several thousand parts, and I had to find these parts and put them together," says Angelika Schrobsdorff about her mother. The parts she uses are letters, photo albums, friends' memories and the life they later led together.

Everything started ...

Rights sold: English World Rights (Europa Editions), France (Libella), Italy (e/o), Spain Cast. (Periferica, Errata Naturae), Spain Cat. (La Campana), Portugal (PRH Portugal), Netherlands (Nieuw Amsterdam), Israel (Schocken), Slovakia (Vyd. Inaque)

A Life Half Lived

The Life of Constanze Mozart

A novel about the life of Constanze Mozart - an absorbing account based on detailed research.

In retrospect, there are many who might envy her: imagining that it must have been fascinating to share the life of a man who was to become the most venerated musical genius ever to have lived.

Rights sold: Norway, Korea, Turkey

"A Wet Dog is Better than a Dry Jew"

The story of a German-Iranian who became an Israeli

"To the Germans, I was a foreigner, to the Muslims a Jew, and to the Jews a juvenile delinquent."

Arye Sharuz Shalicar was born in Germany, the son of Jewish immigrants from Iran. His background wasn't an issue for him until his family moved to Wedding, a Berlin neighbourhood with ...

The Ghetto Swinger

A Jazz Legend

Coco Schumann was born in Berlin in 1924, and discovered jazz and swing music at the age of thirteen. Thanks to his Aryan looks and his cheeky Berlin tongue, Schumann, half Jewish, not only escapes deportation until 1943 but performs almost daily in bars and clubs, first as a guitarist and later ...

Sigmar Gabriel

Patronage and Provocation

He is arguably the most eloquent speaker in the Bundestag, the German Parliament-but the electorate is wary of him.

Since the days of Willy Brandt, no one has headed the SPD (Social Democratic Party) for as long as Sigmar Gabriel-but among his party members he is more feared than ...

Just Getting Away

Child refugees

Hoping for a life after survival

Worldwide, the number of refugees under 18 is unprecedented. In 2014, Germany alone took in over ten thousand. They arrive on their own, their families left behind or lost. These are brave young people with strong personalities - but they are deeply ...

From Obedience to Freedom

Resistance biographies

"My prime objective was to portray people who stand as role models because they knew that the time was right to ask themselves: What do I stand for and what am I prepared to die for? "

The portraits of six people who decided to actively resist ...

The Woman from Flanders

Love in the Third Reich

Her name was Adriana. She was Belgian by birth and the widow of a German. When she died at a ripe old age in a retirement home in Germany, all she had left to her name was a case filled with photographs, letters and documents. The photos reveal her to have been an extraordinarily attractive and ...

Simone de Beauvoir And The Second Sex

This introduction to Simone de Beauvoir's life and work focuses on her most famous book, ›The Second Sex‹. Written in 1949, it deals with the situation of women in the western world and revolutionised the outlook and lives of many women. Highly provocative for the time, she claimed that a woman ...

Adolf Hitler – Key Questions Answered

Decades after the end of the Third Reich, after the demise of Adolf Hitler and his regime, people still ask this question. After many years of intensive research into the Nazi-era and on the basis of new, partially unknown sources, the author comes up with well-founded, concise and often ...
Rights sold: Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey

The Dalai Lama

dtv portrait

The current Dalai Lama was born to a farming family in Eastern Tibet in 1935. He was recognised as the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama at the age of two; three years later he was enthroned with due ceremony as the 14th Dalai Lama in Lhasa, under his monk's name of Tenzin Gyatso, ...
Rights sold: The Netherlands, Turkey

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