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Consulting Kant

Philosophical life counselling

Kant can sort out your life!

Philosophy as the art of balancing your life: how can we apply the ideas and concepts of the great philosophers to help us resolve the problems life throws at us on a daily basis? This book presents four people who are suffering from loneliness, ...

Rights sold: Turkey

Schopenhauer for Beginners. The World as Will and Representation

A Reading Introduction.

The key to Schopenhauer's work!

'Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung', the major work of Arthur Schopenhauer, is known to many but read by few. Anyone who wishes to analyze whether Schopenhauer's criticism of reason was really so pessimistic and where its fascination with literature and ...
Rights sold: Italy, Korea

In Search of Understanding

A History of Female Thinkers

If you open any ordinary history of philosophy, you will be left with the impression that thinking is an exclusively male prerogative. And you'd have a hard time finding any traces of female philosophers. Yet they did exist, and not just in recent times, when women were allowed to enter the realms ...

A Passion for Thought

The lives and times of eight great female philosophers

Philosophy is generally considered an exclusively male domain. The great minds portrayed in this book prove that this is by no means the case. The stories of these women take us on a journey from the Middle Ages to the present day. Their determined single-mindedness and great passion for ...

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